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Start Your Inner Healing Journey

Psychedelic Integrated Therapy & Counselling Services in Edmonton


Supporting Your Emotional-Wellbeing

It is very nice to meet you, I am Jillian!
I am here to support you and your mental well-being

I am a passionate healer who believes in the mind-body connection and that there is an inner healer within us all. I am devoted to assisting you in tapping into that inner healer and connecting you with the most important connection of all- yourself!


When we can connect to ourselves, we can heal from anything and life is truly limitless. I come to you with extensive knowledge and experience in Nursing, Social Work and Psychedelics. Working within a framework of ethics, values and morals is above all, my priority. Efficacy and safety remain at my forefront of my practice at all times.

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Therapy Services

How I can help

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Available Services

  • Trauma recovery, therapy and breathwork

  • Breathwork for nervous system regulation

  • Plant Medicine preparation, ceremony guiding and integration

  • Life Coaching

  • Healthy Living & Exercise Planning 

  • Nutritional planning & Mindful eating 

  • Stress and burnout management 

  • Disordered eating & preoccupation 

  • Relationship & Family Conflict

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma

  • Crisis Intervention

  • ASIST(applied suicide intervention skills)

  • Addiction Intervention & Support 



The Healing Relationship

I believe that every encounter in life must start from a place of respect. I begin by developing an open and honest relationship to ensure that trust is created and honored. My clients deserve to be supported and loved, but most importantly they need to feel safe. While building this safe space, we can begin to explore what it is you are searching for, longing for and what it is you hope to achieve from the plant medicine and from our time together. In the initial consultation, we will discuss what has brought you to plant medicine and ensure that we are a good match for one another. 

Should we decide to proceed, we will explore what you feel is holding you back, where you want to be and how you want to get there. We will then develop your intentions for your medicine journey. Through these intentions you will prepare for your treatment. This process could take 2 or more sessions to ensure you are feeling comfortable, ready and at ease for our treatment day. You will be supported by myself at all times during our time together- pre, during and post treatment. 

I believe that we are the experts in our own lives and we all have the capacity to heal with our own inner healer. I will help you to trust, connect and surrender to this inner intelligence. You are the expert in your journey and I will be there to hold space with you and support you in this experience.

Post treatment we will integrate your experience with a practice to anchor any insights, lessons or experiences you may have had during your journey. I will offer my insights, support and recommendations for further integration work. We will have sessions post treatment to ensure you feel supported, safe and have the space to ask any and all questions should they arise. 

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My Story

The Healing Relationship

Bringing daily into my practice are my accumulated lifelong experiences and a strong passion for healthy mental well-being. As a person that has in the past been preoccupied with body image issues, abusive relationships, eating disorders and other mental struggles, I understand the importance of mental well-being and have been actively practicing ways of inner healing.

      I want to share, honour and connect you to yours because you're worth it and you have the inner intelligence to do this work and live the best life possible. Plant medicines allow us to see the beauty within ourselves; it allows the ego to be still and quiet; it allows us to see the blockages within and pour love into them so that we can heal and release them. Once we realize and feel what it means to be connected to ourselves- the healing begins. 

Click below to learn more about me as well as my qualifications.

About Me


“Jill was the perfect person to assist me on my medicine journey. We were initially introduced by someone, and I am so grateful we were. It instantly felt right. She is warm, soft, and kind and you can feel that from the second you meet her. Her knowledge and competency around the medicine and the journey made me feel ready and made my decision to go ahead, easier.”

— Leanne

Start Your Healing Journey


Stage 1

Deciding to make time for yourself to heal 


Stage 2

Connecting with me to arrange a consultation 

Orange Clouds

Stage 3

Preparation & Inner Journey work

Pine Tree

Stage 4

Integration- taking a new approach in your life 

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  • What is Psychedelic Therapy?
    Psychedelic therapy is a technique that involves the use of psychedelic substances to aid the therapeutic process.
  • What substances are commonly used?
    Classical psychedelics such as Psilocybin (commonly called Magic Mushrooms), LSD, DMT and Empathogens such as MDMA.
  • How do I know if they can help me?
    Both MDMA and Psilocybin have been extensively researched and clinically suggested to help those suffering and living with: depression, anxiety, trauma(s), post traumatic stress, addictions, terminal cancer diagnosis’ and end of life anxiety. Studies have shown fantastic results with a promising future for this form of therapy.
  • How do they work and help?
    Psychedelics are referred to as serotonergic hallucinogens that act on serotonin receptors in the brain altering perception and mood. This phenomenon allows the body to feel safe by calming the nervous system, while exploring and healing from past traumas and experiences.
  • How do I know if psychedelic therapy is right for me?
    Reach out to book a consultation to explore if this form of therapy is right for you.
  • If I’m currently taking SSRI’s, mood stabilizers or others medications, can I still participate in this type of therapy?
    Though every situation is different, there are ways to safely taper and use certain medications in conjunction with psychedelics. Kindly reach out and we can explore this together.
  • Is taking psychedelics something I will have to continue to do for the rest of my life?
    Unlike traditional westernized medicines- this is a form of healing and therapy that you will not keep repeating forever! Some people may require multiple sessions and it is ultimately about properly integrating your experience(s) into your day to day life, which will be discussed through-out our time together.

Contact Me

Please contact me with any questions you may have or for further discussion on how to begin your inner healing.

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